• You regularly ​have to manage meltdowns and freakouts in your home, and you sometimes join your kids in spiraling out of control.

  • You worry about your child's emotional health because they seem sad or disconnected from people or things they used to enjoy.

  • You or your child often feel anxious or overly stressed.

  • You wish you could change your bad habits and negative thoughts.

  • You or your child feel afraid of big feelings such as anger, sadness, embarrassment, or worry, so you ignore them or stuff them down.

  • You or your child have poor sleep patterns.

  • Your child is called “hyperactive” or “lazy” or “too loud”  or “shy” or any other label which gives the message that they are “too much” or “not enough."

  • Your child loses control when asked to compromise or when an unexpected situation happens.

  • You find it difficult to accept and allow your child’s feelings.

  • You feel stuck in the painful emotions of past experiences.

It doesn't have to stay this way.

You can create a New Family Story.

What you can GAIN with the Family Transformation Project:

  • Greater and earlier self-awareness of your emotions

  • Understanding of how your biological wiring runs your responses

  • Calmer moods and more balanced behavior

  • Clearer communication on emotional issues

  • Greater empathy and deeper connection with family members

  • Healthier relationships with other people

  • Stronger immune system and better sleep

  • A sense of empowerment with emotions

What you can LET GO with the Family Transformation Project:

  • Meltdowns and freakouts

  • A sense of failure as a parent

  • Worry about your child's emotional health

  • Fear for your child's emotional future

  • Your emotions - or theirs - getting hijacked and spiraling out of control

  • Anxiety and unhealthy stress

  • Bad habits and negative thoughts

  • Painful emotions of past experiences


What is EFT?

What can EFT do?


  • reduce fear and stress

  • improve mood

  • manage strong emotions in the moment

  • lead to a sense of empowerment

  • release strong emotions of past experiences


  • get rid of the pain in painful memories

  • be fun and easy to do, and feel good

  • allow new positive habits to form

  • release addictive cravings


  • strengthen the immune system

  • reduce or get rid of pain

  • reduce allergic reactions

  • create better sleep

How I Created My New Family Story

I grew up in a lively household of 12 people, which included my parents and my 9 sisters. Yes, 9. As you can imagine, my parents kept very busy making a living and keeping us all organized.

As with most parents of their generation, they had no training in emotional development for kids. I became an adult who felt it was normal to share my anger often and loudly, and who felt afraid to admit a mistake.


When I became a parent, I quickly realized I did not want to perpetuate that cycle. I embarked on a long and eventually successful journey to learn healthy anger management and to recognize and accept that anyone who is truly living is certain to make mistakes. Over time, I changed the ways I reacted to my family, becoming much calmer and most often able to comfortably allow differences of opinion or life choices. 

I felt very drawn to work with young children and I established an independent preschool with a focus on developmentally appropriate learning, especially on social-emotional wellness. 

In those 23 years, I learned an enormous amount about brain chemistry and how that lays down our emotional patterns and how it affects our daily reactions to life events and experiences. These reactions happen automatically until we become aware and take persistent action to change them. 

I became certified in Conscious Discipline, and learned even more about the biological factors of emotional wellness. I learned to control my anger nearly all the time and I became a well regarded trainer of parents and educators. 

I was also regarded as a "child whisperer" due to my ability to connect with nearly any child. I was especially skilled at helping children through big emotions, using all the techniques and knowledge in my "toolbox."

Time and again, a child's response to me indicated that they felt safe, understood and accepted with me. I loved giving them an emotionally healthier start than I had received and than I had provided for my children.


My three daughters grew, moved away and began their adult adventures. I had started searching for a new leader/owner for my preschool. I was ready for life's next adventure.


Then my life went sideways, dramatically and unexpectedly, and left me feeling betrayed after painful endings in my personal and professional lives.

For the first time in my life, I was having serious trouble sleeping and eating. No way could I relax to do quiet meditation to manage my huge emotions about everything which was happening! I could hardly think straight and my health was suffering. I swung between rage, deep grief and feeling paralyzed.



​I felt so desperate for relief! I heard about EFT from an acquaintance and began working with a coach by phone. I felt so relieved when it made an enormous difference right away. I could sleep again; I could eat; I could feel hope after a long period of darkness, and I could make reasoned decisions.

​I’ve continued to use all of my emotional wellness tools, to learn new techniques, and to share them with others who feel overwhelmed by life.

This journey transformed my life and now I guide others in transforming theirs. Change is possible. Adapting to unexpected life changes is possible. I am proof of that. I used all that I had learned to lift myself through the most difficult days and nights of my life and to help myself drop old habits and ideas which were harming me in my everyday life, things like perfectionism and judging others. 

My experience with adults ranges from the many years coaching preschool staff and parents, creating and teaching a comprehensive positive discipline course for parents, speaking at professional conferences on child behavior management topics. I also became a certified expert life coach and used my training and life experience to support women who experienced unwanted or unexpected life changes.

After raising three children, I’m now “Mimi” to five little ones. I’m also a new inventor of an item to help children who cannot sit still for a meal.

My heart for giving children the best start possible, along with my "child whisperer" talent, draws me to work with them.​ I'm here to offer worried moms a lifeline, a way to write a new family story, to uplift the entire family for a lifetime. I promise you it's worth it.

Are We a Good Match?

In order to determine if we are a good match to work together, I offer a complimentary 20-minute “get acquainted” connection.

Request a 20-minute free Clarity Call. 

How do you get started with the Family Transformation Project?

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Reality Check...

Iva P

Pueblo, CO

"I have worked with many coaches and therapists before and working with Anne was one of the most transformative experiences. Literally within the first 20 minutes I saw, and released, a major blind spot that had been running my whole life, not just my family. I am a single mom and it's extremely important that I model healthy emotions for my daughter. On my own, it would have taken years to be free of this. I HIGHLY recommend Anne’s work to all the parents who are serious, like me, about creating magical relationships!"

Aura T

Silver Springs, MD

"In just one session, I felt the powerful combination of Anne's knowledge of how trauma forms, her deep empathy, and her active and respectful listening. She has the ability to connect at a spiritual level and uses her tremendous skill to guide you to the source of your pain - and empower you to find relief! But when you are working with Anne, you know it is not just about emotional relief. You know change is possible, because she has achieved it. Her words and actions speak of her integrity and her faith in a woman's power to grow."

Mary M

Phoenix, AZ

"I appreciate Anne’s positive energy. I feel empowered to make small changes, which will add up to larger ones over the long run. The skills I’ve learned from her in the past month have made a difference in several relationships. Even more so, life isn't just happening to me; I feel good about the choices I'm making."

Andrea L

Olney, MD

"I learned so much from Anne while my children were enrolled in the preschool she owned. She truly has a unique and special approach with children. Anne is able to help parents develop a better understanding of their children’s behaviors and needs and incorporate strategies to create a healthier, more peaceful family environment."

How Does Tapping Work?

Gentle tapping with the fingertips is done on specific points of the face and body while focusing on a specific problem, such as fear, and stating phrases about that problem. This rebalances the energy and the emotions in the body.

​The body’s operating system is electrical and chemical. Tapping stimulates this electrical system positively, which in turn stimulates the body’s natural chemical system. Instead of producing stress hormones and chemicals that weaken the immune system, the body instead produces relaxing and healing hormones and chemicals which strengthen the immune system and improve health.

It is well known that a positive, cheerful attitude supports and even strengthens the immune system. Reducing feelings of fear, anxiety, anger and upset plays an important part in maintaining well-being.

What is the Science of EFT?


It’s helpful to have a little background on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. The sympathetic nervous system of the brain releases stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline in response to real danger, as well as to our negative and fearful emotions. 

These hormones prepare the body for fight or flight by increasing heart rate, preparing muscles for physical activity and more.

They are designed to turn on in the event of danger and turn off when the danger is past. Trauma, stress, illness, abuse, poverty and negative thoughts are some of the triggers which keep stress hormones turned on. If the body is perpetually stressed out or on alert, the body becomes more susceptible to illness, as this chronic stress reduces the overall strength of the immune system.

The parasympathetic nervous system of the brain, on the other hand, prepares the body for relaxation, cell regeneration and digestion, which strengthen the immune system. Scientific studies have indicated that EFT is helpful in boosting one’s emotional and physical state of being by reducing the amount of cortisol released in the body, thus aiding the parasympathetic nervous responses.

This allows the parasympathetic nervous system to actively help in the regeneration process, calming the mind and body and boosting the immune system. The body’s natural default pathway is to heal. With EFT, it is possible to support that natural process as well as to feel good emotionally.

What Happens in the Brain When Stress Occurs?

Nick Ortner, the chief executive of The Tapping Solution, a company with a mission to bring natural healing into the mainstream through EFT, says that recent research has found that when we're recalling a stressful situation or having a difficult experience, the amygdala in our brain starts firing. This almond-shaped part of our brain acts like the body's stress response centre; when triggered, it activates a variety of changes in the body, including the release of cortisol and other stress hormones, and results in an increase in blood pressure, reduction in the efficacy of the body's immune system and other physical effects.

"It is believed to be an age-old reaction to danger - the ubiquitous fight-or-flight reaction," Ortner says. "But in today's world, the amygdala is constantly triggered by daily stressful situations or memories of past events - real or imagined. The amygdala doesn't distinguish between the stress of opening your mail and seeing the bills pile up or a bear chasing you in the forest - it just senses your stress and starts acting up."

Ortner says tapping on the meridian end points while focusing on these experiences sends a calming signal to the amygdala, telling the mind it is safe.

There is a growing body of recognition in the medical field of the effects of stress on our bodies. The American Centers for Disease Control admits that about 85 per cent of diseases have a strong emotional component - it is only logical that reducing stress will in turn reduce the incidence of illnesses.

"This is precisely what tapping does: it reduces stress and trauma and allows the body to do what it does naturally: heal and return to its natural state. The same applies to emotional issues: eliminating the stress attached to a situation takes away the emotional charge and we are able to face the particular situation calmly and with confidence," Ortner explains.


The Dragon With Flames of Love: EFT Tapping For Kids With Chronic Illness by Deborah D Miller, PhD; 
The Tapping Solution by Nick Ortner; 
https://www.eftuniverse.com/research-studies/eft-research#review (This link includes the topic of Skeptical and Opposing Viewpoints.)

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